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Birch Ave Tyres is a locally owned business. We pride ourselves on offering a premium service at an affordable price. At Birch Ave Tyres, we consider ourselves partners with the customers we do business with, adhering to the viewpoint that 'What is good for our customers, is good for us.' Therefore, our service is a reflection of this philosophy. We will not replace your tyres unnecessarily just to make a sale; our staff are trained to evaluate from the perspective, 'If this were my truck, could I safely run these tyres further?'

We have finance options available and WINZ quotes accepted

Our Specialised Product and Service Range

4x4 and Large Vehicle Tyres
Everything from a wheelbarrow tyres, passenger car tyres, 4x4, light commercial, heavy commerical, forklift, tractor and loader, to suit your budget, your vehicle and your driving requirements. It's on the shelf - from budget to the extreme quality performance tyres.

Commercial Vehicle Tyre Solutions
Our commercial vehicle tyre services cover a wide spectrum, from light trucks to heavy loaders. We provide tyres that can withstand the rigours of commercial use and offer a 24-hour call-out service for emergencies.

Service you can rely on and trust

We are continually striving to provide the best value for cost-per-kilometer, aiding in the prosperity of your business and, by extension, ours. We flip tyres when they require flipping and rotate wheels when they need rotating, all while upholding the integrity and honesty of our service. If you find yourself with a breakdown at the roadside, we recognize that 'time is money' and take pride in being one of the quickest in the bay to get you safely back on the road. Our store's strategic location between Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, with direct access to the motorways, allows us to quickly reach various locations throughout the Bay, particularly the Lakes Region, within minutes. Our fleet of three vehicles is always ready and manned by experienced, skilled, and trained tyre technicians.

Wide Range of Tyres

Contact or visit us today for tyres to suit your vehicle and budget.

Top Brand Wheels

We source great wheels and mags from our top brand distributors.

High Quality Service

Quality workmanship and prompt service will see you right, first time everytime.

Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres

Our commitment to being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of our business philosophy

We understand that the tyre industry can have a significant impact on the environment, which is why we've adopted sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. From promoting the use of eco-friendly tyres that offer longer wear and better fuel efficiency, to implementing a rigorous recycling program for old and worn-out tyres, we are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint. Our team is trained to provide honest and expert advice, ensuring that tyres are only replaced when absolutely necessary, thus minimizing waste.

Dedicated to Larger Vehicles

Our focus is on providing top-tier tyre services for 4x4s, commercial vehicles, and other large vehicles. We understand the unique demands these vehicles have and offer tailored solutions to match.
Top-Quality Brands and Services

  • A selection of wheels and mags from leading brands, perfect for 4x4s and commercial vehicles.
  • Partnerships with top suppliers like YHI Wheels and BG World Wheels.
  • Mag wheel repair services for commercial and 4x4 vehicles.
  • Advanced wheel alignment and suspension tuning specifically for larger vehicles.
  • Durable batteries with extended warranties suitable for commercial use.
  • Expert puncture repair services for heavy-duty tyres.
  • Commercial & Heavy Transport
  • All Tyres
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Batteries
  • Puncture Repairs
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
Truck and Large Vehicle Tyres Tauranga, Birch Ave Tyres
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Our backbone of over 30 years in the trade is built on providing our customers with honest and reliable service they can trust. This commitment has fostered business relationships that extend beyond three decades, instilling confidence in our customers and securing their loyalty.